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To Place an order, please fill out the contact information below.  In the message, please place the name and quantity of the items of interest, your contact information (including your phone number) and someone will be in contact with you within a 24 hour period.  To order books please contact  Faith Printing @ (217) 675- 2191


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Books and Cd's available for purchase:


Books: To order books, please contact  Faith Printing @ 217 675-2191

1.  Cripple But I Got A Right To Be Here

2.  Can't Go Back, Can't Stay Here, What's up over there


1.  Another Chance

2.  I'm Different

3.  No Church in the Wild

4.  Gathering the Pieces

5.  Lord, I have Issues

6.  Who's House Is It?

7.  At the Same Same Time

8.  Mighty Misfits

9.  He Saw the Best In Me

10.  In the Place of God

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