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2nd Pastoral Anniversary Celebration

News 1

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Birthing the Vision

Friday, September 12th @ 7pm -- 

Bishop Eric Davis of Word of God Church & Ministries

Sunday, September 14th @ 8 am -- 

Pastor Darren Dixon of St. Mark Baptist Church

Saturday, September 20th --

Rev. Dre' will be leading a presentation on Cyber Bullying at 2nd Nazareth Church's ( Pastor Johnny Ray Nobles) "Growth Conference" in Columbia, SC.  

News 2

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Saturday, September 28th @ 11:00

Rev. Dre' & Mt. Hermon Church Family will be visiting the Word of God Church & Ministries 

* Mt. Hermon Morning Worship - Sunday, @8:00am

* Mt. Hermon Bible Study - Tuesday, @ 7:00pm


I want to say hello and thank you at the same time for visiting my new web page - may it serve as a tool of encouragement and offer some key tools to aid you in your spiritual maturity in Christ.

Ministering to this current culture requires diversity in ministry. This is a visual aid driven culture that often seeks out a word in places other than in the traditional church. I'm also aware that the tongue / language / dialect of this age must be heard and understood by those reaching out to you - with this is mind, please browse the site and offer any suggestions that you would like to see made available.


I am excited to be able to offer this tool of ministry at this time. Let's minister grace to one another. "I'm Just Saying...Dre"

I'm Just Saying... Dre' ---

Don't allow those things that didn't matter, start to matter! When you entertain it, you give power and life to it. Thus causing the things that really do matter to go unattended! Time to refocus our focus to that which matters. There's No Time for Distractions - Peter didn't start to sink until he took his eyes off of Jesus once he got out of the bout - If You had the courage to get out of the boat to go to where Jesus is - please stay focused and don't allow the wind (hot breath from others who stayed in the boat) to distract you.. keep your eyes on the prize. If You have lost focus, cry out to the Lord and He will save you and walk with you to your Destined End..

I'm Just Saying... Dre'

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