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Rev. Andre Barnes has varied experiences which make him the perfect inspirational speaker!  Whatever is happening in your life or in your group, he has probably been there, or at least knows someone who has.

Born in Muskegon Heights, MI, Barnes graduated from High School and began his twelve-year military career in 1983.  As his efforts pushed him through the ranks in the Army, he was chosen to instruct Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and the Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC).  This experience helped him further his natural leadership abilities, and to assist others to become powerful leaders themselves.  In training others, he bolstered his own leading, which led to his receiving various awards for acts of commendations and valor.

His career in the Army set the leadership lens through which he continues to see life.  In fathering of 5 children (Andrea, Kali, Jenise, Andre` Jr. and Janelle) (3 By Marriage Saniyah, Ra’Qaun, and Jeremiah), with his loving wife Alisa L. Barnes. Barnes has watched their stages of development and comprehension, recognizing that negativity and the hardest times come when a person feels s/he has lost the privilege to make individual decisions.  His speaking engagements motivate listeners by empowering them with strategies to take back, recognize, and exercise their power of choice in their lives.

Barnes is currently Program Coordinator for the Academy of Hope in SCDC. The Focus is on Violence Interruption Training for the Top 1% most Violence and Influential Gang and Organizational Leaders within SCDC. Barnes President/CEO of Interpersonal CORE Consulting (ICC). Barnes holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from Word of God Bible Institute, Certified Mental Health Coach (AACC), and is an ARISE Certified Master Trainer in the field of Life Skills and Practical Living, a Certified Instructor in the areas of Multicultural Training, Discipline with Dignity, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communications, and Effective Parenting.  He is also a trained family mediator. He has consulted in holistic children, youth, and adult programs/ministry development. Barnes, formerly an Administrative Monitor at Blythewood Academy Alternative School (Richland 2 School District, Columbia, SC) worked extensively with Character Education for students and increasing their recognizing and practicing coping and social skills to maximize their 2nd chance!   He is recognized as a youth professional with over 30 years of experience.

Barnes host his own radio show on Freethinkers Radio titled, “I’m Just Saying… Dre’ (Sunday’s and Thursday’s @ 8pm), as well as a frequent guest for “On Point” With Cynthia Hardy on 101.3 The Big DM where they address current social, cultural, and spiritual issues.

Andre’ Barnes uses his life full of experience to lead anyone in search of clear direction and growth – from congregations, to students, to Bible study participants, to radio listeners, to colleagues, he “ministers” to whomever stands in front of him and is willing to learn!   Barnes is a gifted trainer, facilitator, motivational speaker, and minister of the Gospel of Christ to prepare Leaders to Lead!

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Every King & Queen was once helpless babies. Every Great Structure was once a Blueprint. Every great meal was once a pile of ingredients. It's not where you are today but where you end up. It's not how you begin the journey, but how you reached the destination! In The Place Of God, Gen. 50:15-21

Meet Rev. Andre C Barnes - "Dre' ".....

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